Mugabe must go

As the political situation in Zimbabwe remains tense and life unbearable,
Zimbabweans across the globe should boycott and refuse to celebrate a pseudo
independence. While elsewhere Independence has brought democracy, civil
liberties and economic prosperity, independence in Zimbabwe has seen a
single minded dictactor holding the country to ransom let alone war vets and
Zanu PF militias terrorising the country.

It is not enough to say a country under a repressive and corrupt regime,
plagued by world record hyperinflation, 80% unemployment, soaring poverty
levels, chronic shortages of fuel and electricity, is far from being
independent. It is an irony that the people who claim to have liberated
Zimbabwe are now the ones who are oppressing the people. Zanu Pf is waging a
war against the people and therefore it is now a case of one oppressor
replacing another.
On the 29th of March 2008 , Zimbabweans went to the polls and indeed made
their choice. That choice as enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe
should be made public to the rest of the world. At the moment Zanu PF is
sitting on the election results yet Zimbabwe is a signatory to SADC, African
Union and United Nations protocols and guidelines to democratic elections.
The electoral guidelines are designed to guarantee each member state a free
and fair election. Therefore we call upon the aforementioned international
organisations to apply the appropriate instruments to ensure that a
democratic and transparent electoral process is followed in Zimbabwe .
In Zimbabwe , Independence Day is only marked by Mugabe’s cheap rhetoric on
sovereignty and land issues. It is enough to point out that the land issue
was only revived to cover up Zanu Pf’s rampant misgovernance after the
failure of ESAP plans, the expensive war in the DRC and the looted war
veterans disability fund.
 The current political situation is an excellent opportunity for all
democratic and progressive Zimbabweans to demand our independence and
fundamental freedoms from Zanu Pf. Zimbabweans all over the world should
intervene and protest at the nearest Zimbawe house against Mugabe’s
undemocratic cling to power.
The people of Zimbabwe have spoken and the world should respect their
Edwin Kamanda
MDC Stoke and Crewe

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