PRETORIA: South Africa foreign minister says Mugabe will find it hard to rig this election as results have already been displayed and are now public information.

The media and many governments are aware that the possibilities of doctoring the results are limited by the fact that results were posted outside every polling stations immediately after the votes were counted, said Pahad.
The South African government was forced to make these pronouncements following the outcry of South Africa and sections of the international media that the defeated tyranny was fighting nail, tooth and claw to remain in office.
On Tuesday morning in South Africa a number of publications carried stories of Morgan Tsvangirai celebrating victory whilst Mugabe pleading for amnesty.
Results analyzed by the Movement for Democratic Change shows the party won by 50.3 percent to Robert Mugabe’s 42 percent.
However sections of the civil society fighting for personal survival wishing if the crisis has pro-longed to fatten their pockets said Tsvangirai needed a run-off.
However Pahad expressed concern that the media was being impartial in its reporting and had joined forces in declaring victors of this election.
What is a matter of serious concern is the orchestrated campaign, by sections of the international and South African media, to categorically claim that the delay is a plot by the government to “doctor” and “steal” the elections, lamented Pahad.
On Wednesday the Movement for Democratic Change that now dominates the House of Assembly announced own President Tsvangirai had walloped President Mugabe who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence.

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