Observer mission left too soon,says ACDP

Observer mission left too soon,says ACDP

Election observers left Zimbabwe too soon, said the Rev. Kenneth Meshoe, President of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP).

The ACDP is disappointed that the SADC observer mission left Zimbabwe before the results of the elections were announced, said Meshoe. We feel it was unwise and premature to declare the elections free, fair and credible while there continues to be so much uncertainty.
The party said it believed the elections had been free, but could not agree that they were fair, especially as Zanu (PF) had an unfair advantage over opposition parties through media coverage. State-controlled media gave Robert Mugabe wide coverage for years while denying MDC the same, the party said. The media was used to denigrate and vilify the MDC while the State was applauded.
Also it remains to be seen whether our suspicions of hindrance are founded in relation to the impounding of a helicopter and the arrest of the pilot before he was due to transport the MDC leader on his campaign trail, added Meshoe.


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