Open Letter to Thabo Mbeki

President Mbeki, with all due respect accorded to a head of state allow me
to air my utmost disgust with the way you have and continue to handle the
Zimbabwe CRISIS.

I put the word crisis in bold as I am one of the Zimbabweans terribly

affected by the state of affairs in our country.

Please Thabo, tell us what wrong the people of Zimbabwe did to deserve such

contempt? If you need compensation for the wrong we did please tell us what

it is you need. People of Zimbabwe have one of the highest literacy rates in

the world and your actions are well read and understood by them.

Why is it that each time Mugabe and ZANU PF are on their way out you spring

into action in the guise of mediation? Your mediation has served to buy time

for Mugabe and everyone knows that all Mugabe needs is time to reorganize

his rigging machinery. Please Thabo Mbeki answer the following questions for

you owe the people of Zimbabwe an explanation:

1) You said there is no crisis in Zimbabwe, where are the results of

the Presidential Election almost three weeks after?

2) Will you say the same in South Africa if the South Africa Electoral

Commission holds results without any meaningful explanation for three weeks?

3) Why do you practice democracy at home (South Africa) and promote

tyranny next door (Zimbabwe)? Is it that people of Zimbabwe are less humane

than South Africans?

4) What does quiet diplomacy mean and what has it achieved for the past

8 years for the people of Zimbabwe?

5) Why do you pretend to be engaging in quiet diplomacy yet your

actions resemble those of a ZANU PF (Robert Mugabe’s ) spokesperson and

number one defender?

6) Do you know that people are being murdered and houses are being

burnt in rural Zimbabwe as I write simply because people voted for the MDC,

a party of their choice just like women in Umtata (Eastern Cape) would vote

for a party of their choice?

7) What does Robert Mugabe tell you behind closed doors that makes you

not listen to anyone else?

8) What do you think the weapons at Durban harbour destined for

Zimbabwe are meant to be used for?

9) Who do you think a government that lost an election will use the

weapons on?

Please Thabo Mbeki, think about those suffering not only due to economic but

also political persecution.

Quiet diplomacy is not the same as blocking debate and action from those

countries and leaders who feel they want to act. It is your blindness that

has led evil to triumph over the wishes of peace loving Zimbabweans.

My call to every Zimbabwean:

1) Now is the time, do the following, call the South African Embassy near

where you live and express your anger.

2) Call the United Nations and ask them to pass a resolution authorizing

international observers to over see the Zimbabwean election from day one to

the last should there be a run-off?

3) Call SADC offices of the Executive Secretary and tell them to relieve

Thabo Mbeki of his role as mediator.

Thabo Mbeki, I thank you for all you do in South Africa. You are a model

leader at home but your foreign policy on Zimbabwe will surely let history

judge you harshly. God is watching the helpless people of Zimbabwe suffer at

the hands of a brutal regime under your full protection and blessing.



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