Voting fraud exposed in Harare South

Desolate sites 'home' to thousands of non-existent voters



As controversy surrounding the recently held elections continues and more evidence of fraud emerges, The Zimbabwean has established how Zanu (PF)’s Gilbert Nyanhongo stole victory in the Harare South constituency through bussing Zanu (PF) supporters into the area to vote for him.

The Zimbabwean has evidence that Nyanhongo lost the House of Assembly election to MDC (Tsvangirai)’s Romia Bunjira at most of the polling stations but is said to have brought in Zanu (PF) people from as far as Chivhu to vote. These people were registered to vote in collaboration with the election authorities during the voter registration exercise.

Information shows that Nyanhongo lost by three votes at the constituency at Ushewokunze and by 90 votes at another constituency situated at Cresta Breeders. Although it was difficult to obtain the number, it is believed that he also lost to Bunjira at Hopley constituency.

Officials, privy to the double-dealings, said more than 5,000 people were bussed from various places to vote for Nyanhongo.

“He lost at most of the constituencies but the people that were brought by busses and lorries voted at the constituencies furthest [away], such as at Stoneridge Farm,”

n election official said. “These people who were brought from outside the constituency were registered although they don’t stay within the constituency.”

David Gomba, an MDC official in the constituency, took The Zimbabwean to more than ten places that were supposed to have thousands of registered voters but where there were not even any buildings.

“Most of those people were bussed from outside Harare initially to register last year, and others were taken from places such as the informal market at Mbare where the majority are either aliens or do not even have homes in Harare,” said an official.

The larger part of Harare South constituency comprises areas south of the capital, which used to be farms but have been taken over by Government. The Zanu (PF) regime has been using them to buy votes and loyalty through promising and even allocating sites to thousands of home-seekers, despite there being no development there.

Nyanhongo denied that he won through fraud. “I won the election in a free and fair manner,” he said.

The same electoral fraud was also unearthed in Harare North where, despite a good turn-out of ghost voters, the MDC’s Theresa Makone won the election. She had worked hard to expose the scandal to election observer teams.

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