Youth Movement warns of violence

EDITOR -The counting was done immediately after the polls were shut - generally around 7 pm. The results were posted at the polling stations immediately and there is significant concern at the failure of the ZEC to announce these results.There seems to be absolutely no justification for this delay.

We Zimbabwean youths are concerned by the failure to announce the results. This creates a suspicion in the minds of Zimbabweans that the authorities are trying to manipulate them to get their preferred party candidates to win.

We are naturally gravely concerned that any contestation of outcome of the elections is also likely to lead to escalation of conflict. The elections may trigger serious and potentially widespread violations of human rights in Zimbabwe.

We are aware that the Zimbabwean government has deployed police, army and intelligence units into the major cities in anticipation of potential trouble. Of significant concern are the unconfirmed rumours from the security branches of government that the incumbent is preparing to declare a state of emergency after announcing the inaccurate results. This is consistent with the threats by the security chiefs that hey are not prepared to accept the election results if Mugabe loses the election.


JOHN VINCENT CHIKWARI, Secretary-General, Revolutionary Youth Movement of Zimbabwe

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