Youths tortured

Some of the more than 70 youths alleged to be members of the MDC arrested
this week for alleged violence and destruction of property were severely
tortured by police and CIO members and forced to admit being part of the
party's plans to use terrorism to take over power, The Zimbabwean on Sunday
established on Friday.

Most of the arrested youths were in urgent need of medical attention after

systematic torture by use of iron rods, baseball bats as well as electric

codes by the CIO and police details, believed to be mainly green bombers and

war veterans deployed across the whole country to target MDC members and

supporters, civil society members as well as journalists.

When we visited Harare Central Police Station we established that more than

30 MDC members there were being denied access to legal representatives,

medical attention as well as food, and most of them struggling to walk or

sit having sustained blisters and wound under the feet, at the back and on

their buttocks after being severely tortured. A senior police officer

speaking on condition of anonymity revealed that the arrested were being

subjected to serious torture and that “it is part of a plan to build up

treason and political violence cases against the MDC”. He added that a

special team of war vets and green bombers was implementing the torture


MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa said, “It is clear the regime wants to find any

slightest opportunity to destroy the MDC. In most cases targeted MDC members

were arrested from their homes and accused of things they never engaged in.

We are aware that there are lists in every district and ward of our party

members that are targeted because of their active involvement in the party


Some of the youths were being forced to make sworn statements admitting to

being part of what the police were calling the terror team, the Zanu (PF)

regime alleges was created by the MDC for the purpose of waging war and

using violence means to cause regime change.

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