Zimbabweans Ambush Tanzanian Vice President over delayed March 29 polls results

In what they are calling Operation Talk Talk African Union (AU) on the delay in issuing the results of the Presidential election held March 29 the militant radical pressure group Free-Zim Youth and Zimbabwe Action Group(ZAG) in a joint operation ambushed H.E Dr Ali Mohamed Shein-Vice of the United Republic of Tanzania in London whilst addressing the Tanzanian diaspora Investment and skills Forum.

Tanzania as the chair of the continental bloc AU has not taken a position in regard to the just ended harmonised election, were 21 days after nothing has been announced of the presidential results.

In a dramatic event led by the Nehanda inspired ladies and Kaguvi gents,they each took a chance to stand up and challenge the high level delegation as to what is African Union position on Zimbabwe expressing anger over the recent statement by its head of state President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete saying SADC was looking into the issue,

Just 2 minutes into his speech Marceline Mutikori was uncompromising in expressing her anger over the AU in-action , Cde Vice President as Tanzania is chairing the AU, why are you not taking a tougher stance towards the Harare regime to make sure it plays within the norms and standards of holding free and fair elections. You have a moral and ethnic responsibility to make sure that democracy prevails in Zimbabwe,

While she was dragged out of the auditorium kicking and screaming Mutikori was un-apologetic chanted Africa liberate Zimbabwe in a show of solidarity Ezra Ben stood up holding a placard stating Solidarity with the Majority not Mugabe accused African heads of states of hypocracy over Zimbabwe.

The dramatic event continued as the Vice President settled again into his speech Osmen Chineka interjected holding a placard stating Zambia we salute You saying H.E Levy Mwanawasa was to be commended for his efforts which showed an understanding of the suffering of the soveign people of Zimbabwe,

Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar Tanzanian High Commissioner to London in a bliss of ignorance blurted out that his not the Vice President of Zimbabwe and it is not the right platform to address such issues.

Anesu Ngarise angered by the sentiments of the High Commissioner demanded satisfaction on the question with regards to the Zimbabwean crisis why are you sitting on the fence with regards to Zimbabwean elections, your silence means that you are content with it.

Free-Zim Youth and ZAG were commemorating the day that Zimbabweans gained the sovereign right to govern themselves from Imperialism Apartheid Smith white minority / British Establishment , however 28 years after that transitional period Zimbabweans are being denied there right to choose the guardians of there sovereignty .

We demand AU and SADC see to it that justice is done for Zimbabwe’s voters.

For info: Contact

Free-Zim Youth (FZY)

Marceline Mutikori 00447769850058

Zimbabwe Action Group(ZAG)

Floyd Mutambiranwa 00447888767149

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