Abolish Limpopo border, says Verryn

Is ubuntu the new philosophy South Africa wants to espouse, Methodist Bishop Paul Verryn asked academics at the University of the Witwatersrand this week, during a debate on violence and xenophobia.

… Ubuntu is a fairly untidy and a fairly irresponsible social concept, I think because it doesn’t have predictable, normal family connections, Verryn said. Anybody can be family and many are family and the family extends wherever humanity can be found.

South Africans belonged inextricably to one another on the African continent, and some of our family are beginning to explore the rest of their family, he said.

Pursuing this line Verryn suggested that the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe should be abolished,

In exactly the same way we pulled down the fences in 1994 and found that instead of restricting, it enabled. Instead of closing the economy, it opened up much wider trust in the economy, he said.

Verryn said the foundation for the recent racist attacks lay in the labelling of vulnerable people as illegal aliens and in their criminalisation.

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