Bishop dismayed as junta shuts churches

The Rt Rev. Sebastian Bakare, Anglican Bishop of Harare, has written to his diocese to express his dismay at continuous police interference with Sunday services and...the increased brutality causing casualties.

In his letter, Bakare cited an incident at St Monica’s Church, Chitungwiza, in which parishioners were assaulted and had to be admitted to hospital.

Our struggle to worship without harassment continues, he said. The Supreme Court Order issued by the Hon. Chief Justice on 12 May was totally disregarded by the police, as previous orders have been…We are however not deterred by this lawlessness and will continue to seek justice through the courts.

He appealed to the law enforcement agents, and especially the police, to let sanity prevail and refrain from harassing and brutalising Anglican Christians.

As a Diocese we will look for alternative worship places to ensure that members of our congregations remain united as we struggle for freedom of worship…We also believe, whether the police like it or not, that God will intervene, may be not today or tomorrow but in His own time, said Bakare.

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