Chinese Ship of Death

                                                         T            THE SHIP OF DEATH                                                 DEADLY CARGO

Chinese Ship of Death outside Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth .

The Chinese ship of death, the An Yue Jiang, which is
carrying arms for Robert Mugabe’s military junta was lying due south of Port
Elizabeth but in international waters on Thursday, the International
Transport Workers Federation said.
A spokesperson for the Federation, Sam Dawson said the An Yue Jiang appeared
to be heading back to China, although it could dock at Maputo or Beira in
The ship sailed from Durban on April 18 within an hour of the High Court
ordering that its controversial cargo could not be transported across South
Africa to Zimbabwe.
The An Yue Jiang was carrying 17tons of ammunition for AK-47 assault
rifles, mortars and grenade-launchers for the military junta which has
waging a campaign of violence against supporters of the MDC. So far more
than 30 people have died in the violence and 7000 families have been
displaced after their homes were bunrt down by Zanu (pf) thugs.

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