Commission occupying Harare illegally, says CHRA


Councillors, elected to serve in Harare after the March 29 elections, have still not been sworn into office - a move that has left an illegal commission in control, according to the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA).

The continuing failure of the regime to call duly elected councillors to office must be opposed. The City of Harare has been occupied by an illegal commission for four years, said a statement from the Association.

Local Government elections were held on March 29 and the winning candidates were declared duly nominated on March 30. A month later, elected councillors have still not been sworn into office in a flagrant breach of the law. This serves to emphasise the illegal and criminal nature of the regime.

The CHRA said elected councillors should be proactive and press ahead with the business of the council, starting with neighbourhood meetings to inform residents about their intended policies for the city. CHRA said it was ready to facilitate such meetings.

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