Johhannesburg - South Africa's largest labour, COSATU will this Saturday hold a nationwide anti-Mugabe protest to demand his urgent exit.

The march will also bring to attention the recent spate of attacks on Zimbabweans that has over the past five days left over five dead and over a thousand displaced and injured. 

The COSATU’s organizing secretary Theo Steele on Thursday said the organisation will be mobilizing throughout the country to make sure democracy is attained early in Zimbabwe. 

 “We will be mobilizing all progressive people in solidarity with the struggle for a free and democratic Zimbabwe. This is the march for freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe. Our demand is for president Mugabe to step down and for more decisive action from South Africa foreign Affairs AU and SADC.”, she said.    

Addressing the same meeting at COSATU house Sipho Theys from Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum said Zimbabwe was under siege of a tyrannical leader and that its citizens were banking their trust on the international community. 

“The people of Zimbabwe are facing a massive challenge. More than ever the people of Zimbabwe also need international support from democratic forces in Africa and the world.  

“That is why we are marching on Saturday, to show our support for their right to elect a government of their choice. We urge the South Africa and other SADC government to do everything in their power to ensure that the election is not stolen through violence, intimidation or vote-rigging.” he said 

The coalition of civic movements in South Africa has also condemned the extension of Mugabe’s tenure as saying that was giving him more time to kill and maim MDC supporters. 

“We are against this date because it is a delay to continue with violence, intimidation and terror to force people not to participate in the presidential run-off election”, Steele said


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