Kay moved to Mutoko prison

Harare - Newly elected MP, Iain Kay, arrested  and accused of "inciting
violence" last week was yesterday  moved from cells where he was awaiting a
hearing on June 4 to another prison hundreds of km away and in the heart of
the post election violence.

 He was arrested in his home area, Marondera, 80 km south east of

Harare  and applied for, and was granted bail in the Marondera Magistrate’s

Court last Friday. The state appealed the bail decision and was given until

June 4 to prove to the Harare High Court why he should not be granted  bail

ahead of his trial.

The state has, so far, been unable to provide a single item of evidence that

Kay has done anything, or said anything to incite any violence and about 95

percent of all the post election violence has been caused by members of Zanu

PF including the security forces according to victims who have sought

medical treatment for their injuries.

        Yesterday, members of his family went  as usual to deliver him food

– there is almost none available for prisoners  from the state – and found

he had was in the process of being  moved to Mutoko Prison about 220 km

away. The first post election violence occurred in the Mutoko district in

north eastern Zimbabwe, which had traditionally been a strong Zanu PF area,

but where record numbers of voters decided not to vote for President Robert

Mugabe in the presidential poll.

            Militias prowl the road to Mutoko and there are several heavy

duty police road blocks along this road which is the main highway to

Nyamapanda, the northern border post with Mozambique.

        “There is no reason to move him, it’s just petty spite,” said one of

Kay’s friends yesterday. His wife Kerry is in the welfare department of the

MDC which tracks missing, injured and killed party members.

        Soft spoken Iain Kay  is a fluent Shona speaker and  was brutally

attacked and  forced off his farm in the Marondera area in 2002. However he

was on record after the March elections telling people resettled on

white-owned farms in the Marondera district that none  would be forced off

by an MDC government. He told them: “We will not behave like Zanu PF. There

is plenty of land for everyone.”

        However President Robert Mugabe and the state press claim that

hundreds of “Rhodesians” returned to Zimbabwe after the MDC won a

parliamentary majority threatening to take back their land.

        No proof has ever been produced that a single white farmer who was

stripped of his land, house, and farming equipment did go back to look at

their old homes, although the Herald newspaper has run pages and pages of

comment and reports in the last few weeks.

        Threats that “Rhodesians” will return to take back the country with

an MDC government,  is the rallying cry put out by Mugabe and the central

plank of his re election campaign.

        He and Zanu PF claim that  former Rhodesian security forces, now

mostly in their middle 60’s are planning to invade Zimbabwe if MDC leader

Morgan Tsvangirai wins the presidential re run on June 27,.

        He beat Mugabe in the first round but failed to win more than 50

percent of the vote and so now faces the run off at a time of unprecedented

violence against opposition supporters.

        Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa did not answer his mobile phone


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