MDC rejects the extension of the runoff period to 90 days

Forty MDC activists dead while thousands have been maimed.
by Nelson Chamisa

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission's extension of the presidential run off to 90 days is not only unlawful but a brazen testimony of Zanu PF's cowardice to face the people of Zimbabwe in another election in the period stipulated by the law.

After realizing that the people of Zimbabwe had rejected Zanu PF, the defeated party has gone on an orgy of violence across the country that has seen 40 MDC activists dead while thousands have been maimed.

The announcement by ZEC to extend the run off period to 90 days will allow Zanu PF to continue with its political massacres across the country. The extension of the run-off period is an extension of the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe. It is an extension of the period in which MDC people and innocent Zimbabweans will live in the mountains as they run away from state-sponsored thuggery and violence. All signs point to an agonizing 90 day period for the people of Zimbabwe to remove the tyrant.

The waiting period has so far been painful as it has been marred by untold violence that is being perpetrated by the Zanu PF regime – bitter of its loss on 29 March when the people of Zimbabwe voted for food, jobs, better education and change.

Homes have been torched while schools have been closed as the Zanu PF youth militia supported by purported war veterans have gone on an unprecedented violence rampage that has spawned an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

The MDC is raring to go for the run off and is confident that it will defeat Zanu PF with a landslide margin. The people of Zimbabwe will certainly hand the tyrant another embarrassing defeat even in July but we believe the runoff should be held within 21 days as stipulated in the law.

However, we remain worried and concerned with the safety and lives of the people who are being murdered by Mugabe and his militia.  

The MDC would like the elections to be held as soon as possible so as to give the people of Zimbabwe an opportunity to move ahead with their lives and not live in perpetual fear.

We urge SADC, the African Union and the United Nations to make a firm position and urge Mugabe to respect the people of Zimbabwe. We hope that the international community will bring pressure to bear on the murderous regime to hold the run-off within the stipulated period so that his country can move forward.

MDC Information and Publicity Department

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