Mugabe behaving like a possessed man

MUREHWA - President Robert Mugabe was behaving like a man possessed by an
evil spirit, authorising violence and murder in his desperate bid to hang
onto power, his main challenger said on Wednesday.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai – who faces Mugabe in a run-off

presidential election next month – said Mugabe’s political career was

finished, adding that the veteran leader’s violent campaign to intimidate

Zimbabweans to grant him another five-year term in office will fail.

“Mugabe has lost direction and behaves like he is possessed, assaulting and

killing people for simply voting for the MDC (opposition Movement for

Democratic Change (MDC) party,” said Tsvangirai, who was speaking at the

burial in Murehwa of an MDC supporter who was murdered by suspected

activists of Mugabe’s ruling ZANU PF party.

Shepherd Jani, who contested the Murehwa senate seat on behalf of the MDC

but lost, was last week abducted from his shop at Murehwa rural business

centre. His whereabouts remained unknown until his bullet-riddled body was

found dumped in Goromonzi district about 100km away.

Tsvangirai, who earlier on Tuesday launched a fund to help victims of

political violence, says at least 50 supporters of his MDC party have been

killed by suspected state agents and ZANU PF militia since the opposition

party’s victory in the March 29 presidential and parliamentary elections.

The opposition party claims the killings are meant intimidate its supporters

to vote for Mugabe in the June 27 run-off presidential election or

alternatively force them to stay away from the poll out of fear and thereby

hand Mugabe an easy victory.

The run-off election is being held after electoral authorities said

Tsvangirai defeated Mugabe in March but failed to garner more than 50

percent of the vote required to takeover power.

Tsvangirai said the violence and killings would not stop imminent political

change in the country, adding that Zimbabweans could no longer stand the

hunger and economic turmoil that have characterised Mugabe’s rule in recent


“He (Mugabe) is gone – people have rejected him and he cannot stop that.

People are supporting the MDC because they can no longer stand poverty and

joblessness, among other plethora of problems caused by ZANU PF,” said

Tsvangirai who was speaking in the vernacular Shona language.

The run-off election is being held amid worsening food shortages and an

economic recession shown in the world’s highest inflation rate of more than

165 000 percent.

Such a scenario would mean certain and emphatic electoral defeat for any

sitting government but analysts say a blistering campaign of political

violence against MDC structures and supporters might just tilt the scales in

favour of Mugabe. – ZimOnline

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