Mutharika must not abet Mugabe

Reminiscent of the movie "Blood Diamonds"; the Malawi Government has decided to meddle in Zimbabwean internal affairs by sending its intelligence officials to clear on Mugabe's behalf the contraband from China, in Luanda-Angola, despite the international calls not to allow the ship carrying the arms to offload anywhere in the world except in China, writes Nyakuchena Ganda in the Nyasa Times.

Mutharika must be criticised for pursuing a grotesque foreign policy, which is sacrificing Malawi’s credibility in the international arena and jeopardising the safety of Malawians living in Zimbabwe.

It is intriguing that while the President is advocating the rule of law, dialogue and patience, he is at the same time behaving in a manner that suggests that he is supporting Robert Mugabe’s Adolf Hitler-like grip on the nation of Zimbabwe.

Well if the president thinks that these virtues can apply in Zimbabwe, he should also make the same effort to practice them here. For before we even start talking about how other countries should handle their business we should remove the huge planks in our eyes. Mutharika knows that.

It is unbelievable that Human Rights are again being trampled on in Zimbabwe, where the dictatorial geriatric has unleashed an untold fear campaign on his people and he is so far being allowed to get away with it.

The so-called “Chimurenga-Veterans” [ironically some of whom are as young as 20 years old] are methodically pushing back the country to the era of Ian Smith, when the ruthless colonial forces subjected the nationals to so many traumas for aiding and abetting the genuine Chimurenga War guerrillas.

The current serial molesters choose their victims indiscriminately; their attacks serve a clear and sanitised philosophy; an astonishing package of political values and objectives that are malevolent and extremely cold blooded.

The will to oppress and intimidate the whole nation of Zimbabwe into submission is unmistakable.

Therefore, Mutharika’s cheap political advertising through his recent Press Release is a desperate attempt at blunting the international ridicule his government is experiencing now.

Isn’t it true that our government’s mediocre foreign policy is failing dismally to respond to the disgraceful campaign of terror in Zimbabwe?

Again, we have seen the feeble attempts and headless chicken antics of a government that does not care about Zimbabweans, trying to bogusly play philanthropist just because the rest of the SADDC region is tightening the screws on Robert Mugabe.

Some day in future, both Malawians and Zimbabweans will look at this period of betrayal as the turning point in our history. We will remember a once prosperous country driven to destitution by a sadistic Octogenarian.

We will have visions of a country crying for help from the international community but literally abandoned to fend for itself by even those short-sighted and selfish people who have in-laws and property in that country.

We will remember the Malawian president who upon his arrival from Red China, declared that Malawians had no business asking him why he was supporting the rogue government in Zimbabwe, and later expelled lies at a mass rally in Thyolo that it was the private traders selling maize to ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe and not his disgraced 21st century “Maoist” government.

Is it not true that the government in Malawi has always had the capacity to stop the export of maize abroad? Whom is Mutharika trying to fool here by lying to the poor masses that he was not exporting their Maize to Zimbabwe, when officials from the same government admitted having received maize from this country?

It’s lies, lies, lies, shameful lies and out-and-out treachery! Can somebody please stop him from making a cartoon of his person this way?

The current situation in Zimbabwe is very exceptional for Malawi. Moreover, the misfortune running through the Zimbabwean political blood stream is likely to rear its ugly head, in Malawi, in May 2009, if we are not watchful by making our leaders take responsibility of their actions and what they say.

The post-election horror offensive in Zimbabwe and the Malawi Government’s indulgence in its nefarious activities in Luanda, Angola should serve notice to Malawians that Mutharika has the propensity to “pull a Mugabe” if not monitored closely. He may decide to recycle the same playbook to cling to power.

It is not too late though for Bingu to reposition Malawi’s doctrine of contact and dialogue in our relations with peoples of the world. Mutharika can support dialogue between the conflicting parties in Zimbabwe by serving as a decent emissary. That will be far more award winning than his current malice laden involvement in Zimbabwe’s affairs

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