NCA: Zimbabweans under attack both inside and outside Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwean left for dead in South Africa

The National Constitutional Assembly, a Zimbabwean based organisation, is outraged by the recent attacks on non-nationals in Alexandra, Attridgiville, Diepkloof and other parts of South Africa. The attacks on innocent and defenseless people in Alexandra, has left three people dead, 40 seriously injured and hundreds rendered homeless. 
The NCA believes that these attacks are being carried out and spurred on by criminal elements and is not reflective of the broader solidarity between the people of Zimbabwe and SA and no amount of manipulation of people’s desperate state of existence will severe these bonds. These attacks stand stark against the recent acts of bravery and solidarity displayed by South African workers in support of the people of Zimbabwe, in their struggle for a life of dignity and justice. It is in this context that the NCA calls on the South African authorities to look into the possibility of the involvement of Zimbabwean security agents and the perpetrators need to be brought to book speedily.  
After the attacks early this year in Pretoria, it was expected that the Security services would have put measures in place, in areas where “foreigners” reside, to prevent a recurrence of death and destruction. Such measures could have prevented the unnecessary loss of life and property in Alexandra. The NCA calls on the Ministry for Safety and security to put in place measures that will prevent a recurrence of Attridgiville and Alexandra. 
The ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe means that more and more Zimbabweans will flee to countries like South Africa and the rest of the region. The majority of these people are poor, hungry and marginalised; many are victims of violence and harassment. Stemming this tide of people fleeing into other countries is wholly dependant on whether the ruling regime in Zimbabwe is stopped from continuing to plunge the country and its people into crisis, fear and mayhem. Thus our call on SA as the mediator to stop its support for the regime and to act in defence of the people of Zimbabwe, both inside and outside Zimbabwe.  
The NCA urges the Department of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Safety and Security to convene an urgent meeting before the situation gets out of hand. We also urge the South African government to urgently show political will in protecting the rights of non nationals. As a first step the NCA calls on the South African government to halt all deportations of Zimbabweans from South Africa.  
Meanwhile the NCA and other human rights groups are working tirelessly in making sure those affected get temporary assistance such as accommodation, medical help and food. 
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