Pro-Zanu politics delivered’ to junior ranks

While police are expected to be apolitical in carrying out their duties, a leaked memorandum shows that officers have been advised by their commanders to vote for Zanu (PF) in the run-off presidential election scheduled for 27 June.

The Zimbabwean can reveal that an inter-office memo, dated May 13, from Superintendent Balele and Superintendent Moyo, who lead the Police Project Team covering Nkayi and Lupane District was sent the to officer commanding Matebeleland North Province. It listed seven police stations in Lupane District and five in Nkayi that had been visited as part of the project.

The memo said that only Lupane District Headquarters staff were yet to be visited, and that attendance in both districts was good for officers, their spouses, dependants and residents of the camps.

The memo further stated that the history of Zimbabwe, the land question, the reasons for the stand-off between the west and Zimbabwe, the historical and constitutional role of the police and postal ballots are topics that were discussed.

It also said the need to defend the land in Zimbabwe was very much emphasised alongside the need for officers to vote properly. Members were made to appreciate the true cause of the current economic problems in Zimbabwe.

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