There should not be a run-off – Makoni

.. Mnangagwa admits unity govt the only way forward.

HARARE – Independent presidential candidate Simba Makoni has said the people of Zimbabwe should not be forced into another election.  
Makoni, for years a senior member of Zanu (PF), challenged Mugabe for the post of president in the March 29 poll, but only managed to scrape 8,3 percent of votes.
Tsvangirai won the majority vote with 47,9 percent  against Mugabe’s 43,2 percent but failed to reach the 50 percent threshold that would have enabled him to form a new government.
The eight percent won by Makoni could be crucial in swinging the run-off vote either way. But Makoni believes there should be no run-off. He advocates a unity government, to stop the killings allegedly being perpetrated by Zanu (PF).
Tsvangirai this week set up a fund for victims of political violence and said 50 of his supporters had been killed by Zanu (PF) militia and terror troops while thousands had been internally displaced.
Addressing reporters in Harare on Thursday, Makoni refused to say who he thought was behind the violence but said the post-poll unrest was intensifying. He ruled out the possibility of a free and fair vote under the present circumstances.
The country does not need another election at this time, he said.
Observers say Makoni is attempting to incorporate himself into a new government through the backdoor after he was rejected by voters.
MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa said the people had made a statement that they wanted democratic change and not a reformed Zanu (PF) party.
Former United Nations secretary general, Kofi Anan has also lent his weight to Makoni’s suggestion but he says there should be elections first and then issues of accommodation would have to be hammered out after the run off.
If the opposition wins they will have to find a way to live with Zanu (PF) who have controlled the levers of power for so long, Anan said in an interview with CNN last week.
Mugabe’s chief election agent, Emmerson Mnangagwa, said last weekend a unity government was the only option left, but the official position was that the legal process of elections has to be allowed to go through before this could be discussed.

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