Young people urged to defend their vote


Zimbabwe's Youth Forum has called for unified protest against Robert Mugabe and his military regime as art of its Workers' Day message.

It is obvious that the people are aware of the grievances and dire straits, which the nation is facing, hence the overwhelming vote against the geriatric leader, said the Forum statement. What is required is a consensus on a message to do with defending the people’s vote. There is a great need to resuscitate the dampened spirits of people following the illegitimate regime’s deliberate frustration of the majority of Zimbabweans after they unequivocally expressed their will on March 29.

The statement said that issues such as inflation, poor wages, lack of basic commodities, poverty, unemployment and poor health had to take a back seat until the way could be paved for legitimate president Morgan Tsvangirai to start putting the house in order as mandated to him by the Zimbabweans….

There is need for unity among all pro-democratic organizations, particularly the youth organizations, to put concerted efforts to fight against Mugabe’s militarism, which has manifested itself in violent retribution of genocidal proportions, concluded the statement.


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