63% to vote for Morgan – independent poll

HARARE - Sixty three percent of voters are expected to vote for Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday according to a respected independent poll carried out last week.

The countrywide poll, carried out in the last week by a leading independent researcher who cannot be named for security reasons, found that the 63% of respondents intending to vote for Tsvangirai was remarkable consistent with assessments of the true support for the MDC at the last election.

The parameters of the poll were necessarily circumscribed by the prevailing security climate but the low number of those refusing to comment or not intending to vote is striking.

Political analysts said the figures make sense.

A total of 2758 individuals were polled, of whom only 104 (0.4%) said they would not comment or vote. 974 (63%) said they would vote for Tsvangirai. The poor showing by Mugabe, 37%, is despite the widespread reign of terror and the denial of food aid to MDC supporters by the state over the past two months, coupled with the extensive Zanu (PF) patronage system which has seen the economy destroyed through corruption and wholesale theft of state resources by Zanu fatcats.

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