A looter continua

HARARE - Members of the youth militia, recruited by ZANU (PF) to intimidate and assault opposition officials and activists in rural areas, are now using the vehicles and weapons they were provided with to commit crimes in the urban areas, reports SW Radio Africa's Harare correspondent, Simon Muchemwa.

Crimes such as house robberies and looting have increased in the last two weeks. Some of the young thugs were caught wearing the police uniforms that they used to gain easy entry into people’s houses. The youths are also reported to be stealing foreign currency and mobile phones from innocent civilians in broad daylight.

Muchemwa spoke to a junior police officer who said the police had been

arresting these young criminals who are armed, only to be ordered by their

seniors to release them without charge. It is believed that the salaries

that the youths were receiving originally have been reduced or cut off

altogether. ZANU (PF) has a history of using young poor

Zimbabweans, then dumping them with no further rewards. Many are now in

desperate need of money and are taking advantage of the lawlessness in the


The youths travel in vehicles that are known to be owned by the ruling party. Some of

the vehicles were used to transport ZANU (PF) candidates and officials during

the election campaign period before March 29. The twin cabs were also used

by the youths to distribute fliers for ZANU (PF) candidates. Since the March

elections, several MDC activists have been abducted by war veterans and

youth militia using twin cabs.

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