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Lowveld News 19th


The MDC officials are totally polarized and spend most their time in hiding with their families. The lists of polling agents have to be submitted to the MDC HQ by Monday and I do not believe that this will be possible because those polling agents that have been selected have now turned around and said that it is impossible to be a polling agent and live.
Chiredzi West

My stores manager reported to me yesterday that the ZANU PF Councilor for ward 1 Mrs. Tamba has accused him of being an MDC supporter and ordered him to report to her for questioning. James my stores manager came back and told me that she had accused him of being a supporter and that he should turn in his card and shirt to her, during the interrogation another man came into her office and said that Whitehead your boss, had disturbed the whole of the Lowveld and they now had orders to kill him. He also said that they had plans in place to find and kill all those involved with the MDC after the elections. I do not believe that these are idle threats, I have been aware for some time that the CIO are trying to catch me alone and that is why I am armed.



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