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Vendors unmoved by terror campaign
EDITOR - I am deeply troubled about my future in Zimbabwe. I have been working in the informal sector for six years, after the company which employed me shut down due to the foreign currency shortage.

I am struggling to make ends meet.

On June 17, Zanu (PF) youths, high on alcohol and drugs started harassing flea market operators in Mabvuku, accusing us of having faked our allegiance to the former ruling party Zanu (PF) and calling us sell-outs. They threatened everyone without a Zanu (PF) party card with death.  

If Zanu (PF) wins the election I am positive that they will embark on a serious purge of informal traders. It pains me when I think how a government we expect to guarantee our livelihood tramples on our only form of survival. Zanu (PF) is concerned only with the needs of the elite.

No amount of intimidation will force me to sell my future by voting for a group of tyrants. Zanu (PF) no longer has the people at heart and as long as I am alive I am going to make sure that I vote for a people-centered governance.

To Morgan Tsvangirai – soldier on my brother, I salute you. We, as flea market traders, are waiting for your government, and we put our future in your hands. I give you my vote and I trust you will not turn into another Mugabe.


The time is now

EDITOR – Now is the time to be strong comrades. The foundation has been laid and requires final touches to make a standing house. Blood and sweat are the true lubricants of all struggles, let alone revolutions. Struggles are not fought without paying heavy fines.

Let us soldier on to emancipate the country from the corrupt regime of Robert Mugabe.

Ensure that on June 27, whether in sickness or in pain, your vote counts. They have beaten us, abducted our friends, killed our parents, but that should not deter us from going and making our voice heard come June 27. Do not be afraid of the claims by Mugabe of a war. If he thinks that he has the monopoly over violence he is lost.

We are more than prepared to take whatever action, for real men fight whilst cowards bully. We do not care that this country came through the bullet; moreover, it is our parents who ensured that victory was secured.

Do not be fooled. Zimbabwe does not belong to Zanu (PF). It is for us Zimbabweans. To those abroad ensure that you come back home and vote.


Was Smith really better?

EDITOR – For me the most painful thing about the Zimbabwe situation is that the very same liberation movement that claims to have freed “us” (I am a born free by the way) is the very self-same outfit that is oppressing us. Therefore, I understand what my great-grandmother means when she says, time and again, “uSmith wayengcono” -translated – Smith was better (than Mugabe, of course).

If you compare the two, oppression by a colonial master is better than by your own man. It is not shocking to find these same comparisons even in South Africa. The documentary by BBC, No More Mandelas, refers in this instance. One man says the National Party (NP) was better than the African National Congress (ANC) because people could get jobs. He appreciates the brutality of both sides, but at the same time sees the brutality of the other, in his intelligence or lack of it, as better.

Finally, for the Zimbabwe situation, if politics were a religion in Zimbabwe, then Mugabe would be the devil. I can’t talk about Smith, because I never lived under him. I am lazy to “historicise” and compare, at least for now.


Absolute hogwash

EDITOR – So, big business in Zimbabwe is in the trade of politics too. I wish this were so, because, unlike their political colleagues, businessmen in Zimbabwe are a unique blend of hard working entrepreneurs, who could make this country thrive beyond our dreams.

Robert Mugabe imagines that behind ever shop counter a British or American agent is hiding, poised and ready to destabilise and upset the workings of Zimbabwe’s fragile economy.

Worse still, these evil aliens, while gleefully tallying their ledgers, are on the brink of overthrowing the old man! Absolute hogwash, if ever there was.

What this musty octogenarian does not want to understand, despite all his fancy degrees, is that it is he who has wrought havoc upon Zimbabwean commerce, starting with his brainless efforts at controlling prices. Then, in the quagmire of economic decline, he sets his thugs and party faithful on the road to acquire, by theft and deception, foreign and white-owned business. It’s a racial thing, like the farms.

People’s stomachs are telling them just how unsuccessful Mugabe’s party venture into agriculture has been. And people are very angry, not necessarily because food is so expensive, a natural consequence of insufficient supply, but the very lack of supply. Most people cannot make up their staple diet of upfu (maize meal) yet alone any relish to go with it. Zimbabwe was a net exporter of cereals, before Mugabe messed things up.

Of course, we all realised how ludicrous it is for the Great Leader to suggest that Western sanctions are to blame for Zimbabwe’s economic woes. That good old scapegoat for his misrule comes to the fore once again.

Zimbabwe is not without experience in dealing with real mandatory sanctions. This happened during Smith’s heyday, when, let’s say, politicians knew where to draw the line between sound economics and party political gimmickry. And back then the rebel Rhodesians grew their economy and infrastructure while dealing with a real liberation war.

The simplistic propaganda of the party’s information machine belts out the message ad nauseam of re-colonisation and how the British and Americans want Zimbabwe’s precious minerals. It is laughable, were it not so infantile, simply because Western aspirations for Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth is not being exploited fully. Unlike the asset thieving and plundering Zimbabwean government, the British and Americans would actually pay for what they get, generating hard currency and a whole lot of jobs too.

The old adage cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face’ comes to mind, and just how terribly ugly it has become.

ANDREW, by email

Blatant misuse of authority

EDITOR – I came across some useful information a couple of days ago regarding an accident involving a Delta beverages truck in Mutare. I obtained the following statement from an individual who would like to remain anonymous.

 Superitendent Chinosho, OIC of Mutare remand prison, ordered junior officers, who were on duty at the prison, to accompany him to the scene of the accident, in uniform, and there ordered them to load 30 crates of quarts into the prison pick-up (REG: ZPS 039D).  Many members of the public witnessed this blatant theft.

 The stolen beer was transported to his house where he gave the other officers some bottles and kept the lion’s share for himself.

 The officers drank while on duty and were blind drunk the next morning to the surprise of other officers and the prisoners.


Sins of the fathers

EDITOR – The Tienie Marten’s and Brian Maguti story is simply a case of “the sins of the father…”

Zanu (PF) might think that they are immune to the global influence, but the Maguti story is just a repetition of the young Gonos, Chihuris or Karamanziras being deported from Australia for “the sins of their fathers.”

The electronic media has fast-forwarded bush telegraph and the whole world knows the sins of the fathers – it is now actually sickening to see what these unholy fathers are up to.

These fathers need to come out of denial – neither murdering, nor torturing nor starving nor raping their own kith and kin – or causing others to do it, will be of any assistance to them.

These fathers still seem to think that their Mugabe brand name is a world best, but it has truly failed now and is well past its sell by date – some 84 years on.

Even Thabo is copping a bit of fall out for his adherence to the Mugabe brand.

JLB, by email

There’s hope for us

EDITOR – I remember times when violence was a hidden issue, the militia was very calculating and doing it under cover of darkness. But the prophecy of 1998 was clear; God was going to expose wickedness in high places. The devil can no longer hide. Through prayer we’ve set fire to their spiritual stronghold and their last gasp is to come clean that they author violence and intimidation. Zimbabwe keep hope alive.

To those who partake of the devil’s scheme through Zanu (PF) be warned, once we’ve routed all demons pushing you, the devil will lay the blame on you, many of you will die at the hands of your weapons.

Like Mugabe, you’ll think it was ‘a moment of madness’, but this time do not think you’ll escape, the prayer of the saints have reached Zion’s gates and for the sake of His people, God will deliver judgment. To all Zimbabweans please engage in Spiritual warfare directed at the demons behind this madness, don’t be a spectator, play your part.

I love Zimbabweans in SA, all of them are engaged in prayer and you can see that though xenophobia was targeted at us, many were not killed. Why? It’s not by power, it’s not by might but my Spirit says the Lord. God’s at hand to usher a new era in our nation, but let each man play a part in prayer up to the time we overcome, the stars, moon and a host of Angels are on our side. I am counting on all, this is a call to prayer, intercession and supplications with fasting. God bless Zimbabwe.


Sign the death warrant

EDITOR – I urge my fellow Zimbabweans that on June 27 they should take the ballot form as a Death Warrant or as a Certificate of Acquittal from a tyrannical regime; it is either you sign your Death Warrant by voting for Zanu (PF) or you sign you Certificate of Acquittal from a violent, corrupt and misleading regime by voting for MDC.

Mugabe’s bag of political tricks has a big hole in its bottom; there is absolutely nothing in it hence the empty promises we get from (MTV) Muchechetere TV. It is true that Zanu (PF) wants 100% total destruction of Zimbabwe, as the party is known the world over for taking the rate of inflation to a record

1,700,000 %.

Let us not be afraid of the service chiefs’ threats that they will not salute Tsvangirai if he wins the run-off. The service chiefs will just have to follow the will of the people. They will have no choice. If they will still be interested in saluting Mugabe, they will be free to go to Zvimba and salute him as much as they would want.

Zanu (PF) claims that Zimbabwe is reeling under economic sanctions when in actual fact it is Zanu (PF)’s mismanagement of the economy, corruption and lack of vision. No amount of lying will convince any Zimbabwean that the West is to blame for the economic meltdown that we are experiencing.

The answer to the survival of Zimbabwe lies in our hands. Come June 27, let us vote against all the pains that were induced by Zanu (PF). We cannot endure them any longer.

The exit door is wide open for Mugabe and his irrelevant Zanu (PF) henchmen to show us their backs.

On June 27, it will be a case of doing it or letting our suffering in the dirty hands of Zanu (PF) continue ad infinitum.

CTN, Bulawayo

Your paper is pitiful

EDITOR – Your paper is full of lies and no one can ever believe such shallow thinking, if for sure there was a document like that why don’t you publish the whole document in your paper? No, your tricks are to scare us to a point that we think you are telling the truth and at the end of the day we vote for the puppet.

I will tell you right now if the puppet were to win it could have been on 29 March, but he didn’t, so tough.  I feel pity for your paper, why don’t you take a bold action and at least show some respect for the people of Zimbabwe and tell them the truth about the real situation in Zimbabwe. All you do is scare our relatives in UK that we are not safe, that we are not eating. What kind of a paper are you?

For once write something productive. Why do you encourage the producers of food in Zimbabwe (who are working with the British) to produce food if they feel pity for us here. We know your game, in fact, we have been aware for a very long time.

You will not fool ordinary Zimbabweans, not now, not ever. Try for once to write the write the truth.

What is your problem anyway? We don’t blame you. Your paper is based in England where the ‘master’ tells you what to say about Zimbabweans.


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