Police ban MDC posters in Bulawayo

Police and members of the Central Intelligence Organisation in Bulawayo have attacked MDC supporters and banned them from putting up election campaign posters for President Morgan Tsvangirai.


At 1200hrs, a team of four MDC members led by the MDC National Deputy Spokesperson, Ms Thabita Khumalo, were putting up posters on electricity and street line poles near Magnet House in Bulawayo, when they were confronted by Central Intelligence Officers who told them that “it was Mugabe’s country and only Mugabe could put posters on street poles and the MDC would not be allowed.”


The poster team then moved to the railway station to continue with their work only to be followed by police officers in riot gear and on bicycles. The police, after insisting that the country belongs to Mugabe and that the MDC would not be allowed to put up posters, started assaulting the MDC memebrs with baton sticks. One of the team members, Jerry Chiteshe suffered a broken leg and he is at Gallen House Hospital.    


MDC Presidential spokesman, George Sibotshiwe, pointed out that the Mugabe regime has turned Zimbabwe into a militariased police state. “The regime is denying the people their fundamental rights in order to steal the June 27 election and subvert the will of the Zimbabwean people through widespread violence and killings, wanton arrests and by closing political space for the MDC to campaign”, Mr Sibotshiwe said.


“However, the time for change has arrived and the resolve of the people of Zimbabwe to attain that change is as strong as ever:, he added.


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