“Wide awake “Mugabe regrets dozing on March 29!

Mugabe regrets dozing on March 29 !
.. denies violence and threatens coup for 3rd time

HARARE - Zanu (PF) presidential candidate Robert Mugabe has said his defeated party had lost ground to the MDC through complacency, but claimed he would win next Friday's presidential election run off because he was ''now wide awake.''

Mugabe, in typical hate speech that has become the hallmark of his campaign speeches, also described his opponent, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, as ”a donkey being controlled by the British,” the former colonial power that has stepped up diplomatic pressure on his beleaguered regime.

”We are now wide awake,” Mugabe, referring to his defeated Zanu (PF) party, said at a rally in Matabeleland Thursday. ”We won’t let the MDC win.”

This is the third time he has threatened to stage a coup if he loses the forthcoming presidential election run off.

While Mugabe traverses the whole country in his three fuel-guzzling presidential helicopters, Tsvangirai’s South African-registered campaign vehicles, a BMW and his campaign tour bus remain in police custody over flimsy import irregularities.

Tsvangirai’s forays into the countryside have been foiled and he has been taken into custody at least five times since he launched his campaign. He has been banned from the publicly-funded State media, which has spewed hate messages against the charismatic MDC leader, each time portraying him as an appendage of colonial masters.

About 80 people have been killed over the past two and half months in violence blamed mainly on Zanu (PF) militants.

A World Council of Churches human rights report presented to UN secretary general Ban ki-Moon  Thursday accused Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party of killings, atrocities and waging a ”systematic campaign of violence”.

Despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, Mugabe continues to deny vehemently to the local press and international visitors that his party was responsible for the violence currently engulfing the country.

He instead accused the MDC of being part of British attempts to introduce a new form of apartheid to serve Western interests in developing countries.

But MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa said Mugabe was trying to hide the violence and intimidation behind his rift with Britain.

”It is not a Zimbabwe-Britain crisis, Chamisa said. Our people are being brutalized by fellow black Zimbabweans. This is the issue we would want our African brothers to understand,” he said.

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