SECURITY UPDATE – week ending Friday 20th June, 2008.

(Please note that this is by no means all the incidents. The violence against opposition MDC members and officials has increased despite the presence of the observers).

15 reported deaths so far this week. Most were abducted and found beaten to death.

Torture bases have been set up country wide, even in Harare. One (known) is at Mount Pleasant Hall, one in Chisipite.

ZPF youth are now going door to door forcing domestic staff to attend (indoctrination) rallies and meetings. Reports of domestics in Highlands being beaten up.

Mataririni Flats, next to OK Bazaars Mbare have been “cleaned out” by ZPF militia.  Furniture was thrown out of the windows and occupants were told “you are MDC, this is now flats for Zanu PF”.

Midlands – Air Force chief Muchena and Dep. Commissioner Matanga (ZRP) deployed to Midlands to ensure the Zanu PF “campaigning” is being carried out correctly.

Brig. General Engelbert Mugeje is reported to be keeping violence on the boil in Masvingo Province. (4 reported deaths of MDC members this week).

PTUZ (Prog. Teachers Union of Zim.) President Takavira Zhou forced to lead Zanu PF campaign in Masvingo.

ZPF rally held in Hwedza mid week MDC activist, Silas Nhekairo, beaten and then thrown in river. Both hands were smashed. Clinic refused to treat him. Has subsequently been treated in Harare.

Violence erupted in Mkoba high density suburb in Bulawayo night of Thursday 19th June, 2008. Amos Chibaya MP fled his home at 1am.

Warning that any white youngsters seen out in town over this weekend will be taken in with no mercy.

NCA Chairman Lovemore Madhuku’s Chipinge home and his fathers home, razed to the ground by militia.  Neighbours around the Maduku home and families badly assaulted. (Inf. Millenium Foundation).

Kangai was badly beaten at Buhera on 17the June 2008. MDC youths reacted to this and 3 Zanu PF’s youth were killed. (info. Millenium Foundation).

Councillor Chiroto house in Hatcliff burned down on night of 17th June, 2008. His wife Abigail was abducted. Her body was found and identified 19th June, 2008.

Zanu PF youths doing road blocks on Centenary road night of 17th June, 2008.

Reported on 17.6.08 that a Zanu PF torture base is in a tobacco barn on Markwe Farm, Hwedza (next door to Imire Game Ranch) where screams can be heard. 2 killed there already (identities unknown). Torture camp run by Francis Tongororo. Police tried to investigate but were chased away.

Senator Morgan Femai, Chikomo had his hardware shop in Mbare looted and destroyed by Zanu youth 16/6/08.

MDC members from Masikana village, Soswe, Marondera East beaten and now living in the hills.

High density suburbs (Epworth, Mbare, Mabvuku, Kudzwana) have had door to door visits from Zanu PF youth throwing them out of their homes, some beaten, all threatened to vote for Mugabe.


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