Ten MDC activists hospitalized after Zanu PF attack in Gwanda

Ten MDC activists were admitted to Bulawayo's Galen House medical centre
Tuesday after being attacked by Zanu PF thugs in Gwanda.

The activists had

been gathered near Manama Mission awaiting the arrival of MDC President

Morgan Tsvangirai who was due to address a rally. A convoy of 4 unregistered

vehicles arrived in the area much to the excitement of those gathered, who

thought Tsvangirai had finally arrived. A man in one of the cars asked the

crowd what they were waiting for and when the crowd said Tsvangirai, they

jumped out of their vehicles and started assaulting everyone.

Our correspondent Lionel Saungweme said the attack was led by war veterans

Mlungiselwa Nkomo, Edward Sibanda and Jacob Ngwenya. The trio have been

terrorizing villagers in Gwanda, brandishing AK-47 rifles and tear gas


Tsvangirai was later forced to abandon the rally after heavily armed

soldiers camped inside the designated venue, effectively sealing it off from

his campaign team. Saungweme told us the vehicles involved in the Gwanda

attack were the same ones used to trail Tsvangirai’s convoy in Esigodini on

Friday. Police at a roadblock later barred the convoy from proceeding with

their campaign journey. The team was also detained for about 3 hours at

Esigodini police station.

Meanwhile MDC victory celebrations in Lower Gweru were disrupted on Thursday

by a serving soldier identified as Mangena who drew out a pistol and shot at

the wheels of an MDC Isuzu truck. The incident took place in front of MDC

legislators Sam Sipepa Nkomo, Amos Chibaya and Gweru mayor Sesel Zvidzai.

Mangena is said to have chased a group of MDC women who were cooking at the

venue, forcing them to abandon their pots in the bush. Despite parliamentary

elections having ended two months ago Mangena is said to have shouted at the

top of his voice that the MDC had torn down his posters.

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