Zanu (PF) use Tupac as role model

Zanu (PF) is running newspaper adverts for its presidential candidate featuring a rap performer known for his violence.

The full-page adverts feature Tupac Shakur, a US rapper and actor who built a career on controversy and died of gunshot wounds from a drive-by shooting in September 1996 in New York.

“There are stunning parallels between Mugabe and Tupac,” said political commentator Ronald Shumba.

Shumba said Mugabe and his party were apparently attempting to woo younger voters who have been unreceptive to the party’s sovereignty and empowerment agenda.

Tupac’s lyrics, just like Mugabe’s speeches, glamorised the life of an outlaw, a high-living, macho gangster flaunting ill-gotten gains. Tupac had the words ‘outlaw’ and ‘thug life’ tattooed on his body.

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