Zimbabwe Police fail again to bring Tendai Biti to court

It is now six days after the police in Zimbabwe arrested Movement for Democratic Change Secretary General, Tendai Biti and they still have not brought him to court. Mr Biti's lawyers obtained a High Court order that Mr Biti should be brought to court and, if the police have any substance to the charge, then prefer charges against him.

The police made a lot of noise about their threats to arrest Mr Biti, which, in a normal society would have presupposed they had basis for doing so. Six days later they still have not charged him, which vindicates our position that the charges are ludicrous, frivolous and vexatious, only intended to frustrate our campaign. 

In any normal society, Mr Biti would have appeared before a court of law and an impartial and proper legal process followed.These undue delays to bring Mr Biti to court and charge him only indicate that the Mugabe regime has lost recollection of how a civilised, law governed society interacts with its citizens. They are behaving like thugs, gangsters and ward lords, without any attempt to be rational and civil.  

We reiterate that Mr Biti is a proud patriotic son of all the people of Zimbabwe. Despite the threats to arrest him, he consciously decided to go back to Zimbabwe because he was convinced of the cause he has dedicated all, including his student life, live to. A cause of a Zimbabwe of jobs, democracy, health care for all, a new people driven constitution and a functioning economy.  We will fight side by side until these ideals are achieved in our life time. Whatever the harassment and threats, the regime must reconcile with the reality that the time for change has arrived.


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