Zimbabwe Prison Service in terror campaign

The Zimbabwe Prison Service has sent senior prison officers to provinces throughout the country to oversee the Operation Makavhotera Papi terror campaign, The Zimbabwean on Sunday can reveal.

According to a source within the Prison Service, the officers, many of whom are also war veterans, have been using prison resources in a bid to re-educate’ people into voting for Zanu (PF).

He revealed a list of names of high-ranking prison officials along with the area they had been sent to and the incidents they had directly overseen.

One assistant commissioner addressed a meeting in Chikomba district where he was reported to have beaten a member of the audience himself. Another picked a prisoner at random at Harare Remand Prison, gathered the prison officers and said: l wish to demonstrate how we are dealing with MDC supporters under Operation Makavhotera Papi. He then beat the prisoner severely.

Others were working in Mashonaland Central and Manicaland.

The source revealed that all promotion within the Service had now been tied to active participation in Zanu (PF) brutality.

On Monday, Senior Assistant Commissioner Chiobvu is reported to have taken a register of all officers at Harare Remand Prison, announcing that they would be voting by post – a process he would personally oversee. Anyone who wanted to keep their job, said the source, would have to vote for Mugabe.

Many prison officers are not happy about this plan, hence the urgency for the plan to be exposed before they are forced to vote, said the source.


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