Zimvoter election website genuine

MDC says fraud rumour was scaremongering

Ian Makone, the Movement for Democratic Change Elections Secretary, has scotched rumours that the zimvoter.com and africaelectioncetner.com websites were actually a government fraud.

He confirmed that the sites had MDC endorsement and would help voters check they were on the voters’ roll and in which ward and constituency they were registered.

“This initiative has enabled us to sort the voters’ roll by name, ID number and address,” said Makone. “The information is provided free to the public, including Zanu (PF) members, for that matter…we are already achieving more than 30,000 hits per day from all over the world.

“The developers will be advising of further initiatives in the same vein to assist potential voters that have no access to the internet,” he added. “The voters’ roll is a public document that should inform the public as to their registration status and we applaud the developers of zimvoter.com for this and future initiatives.”  

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