Zunu PF thugs hold nurses as patients die

BULAWAYO - About 15 Zanu (PF) thugs brandishing new brand AK47 on Wednesday (June 18) shutdown United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH) in Bulawayo for six hours to hold a campaign meeting with all hospital members of staff which saw several patients in critical conditions especially those in theatre dying as they remain unattended.

According to the hospital members of staff who spoke to The Zimbabwean on Sunday on Thursday at the hospital, a team of about 15 men arrived in two Nissan Hardbody twin cabs trucks in the morning and ordered all workers inclusive of doctors, nurses and administration staff to gather at the Function Hall in the middle of the health institution.
They introduced themselves in the hall as Zanu (PF) officials who have been sent by Mugabe and said they wanted to warn us that we should not repeat the mistake we made in the March 29 poll of voting for MDC, said one junior doctor who was still traumatized by the incident.
They went on to say that from today we should start sending messages to our parents and relatives in the rural areas that they made a terrible mistake by voting MDC and if that mistake is repeated you there is going to be bloodshed in the country as they will be fighting with British to reclaim Zimbabwe from them, said one female nurse at the referral centre who spoke strictly on conditions of anonymity.
Most of us did not know what to do as we had left patients unattended and we lost more than three patients during this period as they held us for almost six hours, she said.
Another nurse said the incident was more disturbing as it came a day after the hospital had just received three bodies for post mortem of MDC activists who suspected to have been murdered in Mberengwa by Zanu (PF) terror thugs.

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