Africa should reject Mugabe

PRETORIA -The Catholic Church in Southern Africa has urged all African states to reject the leader of the military junta, Robert Mugabe.

The bishops said they ‘passionately’ support the legitimate aspiration of the Zimbabwean people to have a president of their choice through a free and fair election.

‘Sadly, the politically motivated violence, intimidation and torture have made a just and fair run-off presidential election virtually impossible,’ the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) said.

The statement, signed by SACBC spokesman Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM, said Morgan Tsivangirai, withdrew because the election ‘has degenerated into a sham.’

The bishops called for formation of a consensus model of government that involves all Zimbabweans.

‘We, together with other organisations, warn that the atrocities and barbarism of Zanu (PF) are being documented. Mugabe’s actions and those of his generals, their wives, his thug supporters and the so-called ‘war veterans’ are offensive in the eyes of God. Judgement awaits.’

The bishops warned that unless there is a unified effort from the international community with the leadership of Southern African countries, ‘the hopeless situation of violence, famine and uncertainty will result in a vast humanitarian crisis that will engulf the whole Southern African region’. – Jesuit Communications

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