Campbell/Freeth Family Communique

Family Communique:
Mercifully, at midnight, Mike and Angela Campbell and Ben Freeth were released at a house of a black lady in Kadoma.

All three have been severely beaten.  Mike has serious concussion and a broken collar bone and fingers.  Angela has a broken arm, in two places.  Ben has a badly swollen and totally closed eye and feet severely beaten.

Motivation for this brutal attack is the fact that Mike and Ben are the architects and at the forefront of the SADC Tribunal litigation.  Fourteen farmers in the Kadoma/Chegutu farming community spearheaded the joinder applications with the Campbell Mount Carmel case in SADC. 

A total of seventy-seven farmers countrywide should at this point in time be enjoying total SADC interim ruling protection.  Sadly this is obviously, in the case of Kadoma/Chegutu, not the case and the area is patently being targeted as a direct result of this important and benchmark International Litigation.

The purpose for the brutal attack and vicious beating carried out at Pixton Mine (youth militia torture camp) was the forced compliance, under extreme duress, with the signing of a formal withdrawal of the Campbell Case from the SADC Tribunal.  The Campbells and Freeth were taken by war vet Gilbert Moyo and approximately twenty thugs to the mine.  They were viciously beaten until they complied with the signing of a withdrawal of the case.  The case is due to be heard in Windhoek from 16th July onwards

The Campbell and Ben Freeth are and safe undergoing medical attention.  The gruesome photos of Freeth d the Campbells are available on request via e-mail or on CD.

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