Hunger stalking the land

HARARE - There is now severe hunger in Zimbabwe.

Basic foodstuffs like bread, mealie meal, and cooking oil are no longer available in shops, but only at exorbitant prices in small quantities on the black market, unaffordable to the majority. Charities (NGOs) are being prevented from giving relief food to the needy.

There is urgent need for relief food to be brought into the country. Various countries and international donors are ready to do this once there is a legitimate government with which to cooperate. The present government is known to “politicize” food, i.e. to give relief food only to members of the ruling party. This is totally unacceptable. Using food as a political weapon is a crime against humanity.

Zimbabwe cannot go it alone. It must cooperate with the international community, especially its African neighbours and fellow AU members, and form a government which the world at large can accept as legitimately representing the people of Zimbabwe.

Leaders must put the common good, i.e. the very lives of their people, before their own sectional interests. History will judge them harshly if they fail to do so. – Jesuit Communications In Touch

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