MDC victims prevented from seeking medical treatment.

MDC victims prevented from seeking medical treatment.

The following is a report received from Manicaland MDC offices:

Buhera is still a no go area for MDC victims despite the calls to end the state sponsored violence which started after the March 29th elections when MDC romped to victory.

Hundreds of injured MDC victims in Buhera are still failing to access  medication as their homes and villages are guarded on daily basis by the ZPF youth militias who are accusing them of wanting to go to Mutare to ‘uncover their ruthless brutality’ hence they are forced to suffer in agony in their homes.Several of these injured activists are developing a green colour in their wounds and being feasted on by maggots as they queue for panadols only at their nearest clinics.


Kokayi Vengenyedzai (68) from ward 28, Matengarumvi Village ,Chief Nyashanu in Buhera South is one victim, who, despite the deeper cuts on his buttocks, struggled to find his way to Mutare MDC offices for medication. He is the MDC Vice Chairman for Chinyamukonde branch. Vengenyedzai was abducted from his house to Jori business centre on 19/06/08 at around 1000hrs where there was a ZANU PF rally organised by the bloodthirsty and losing MP for the area Joseph Chinotimba. “I was asked if i voted MDC of which i admitted.  This was followed by a shower of beatings on my buttocks, back and face.They tightly tied my hands and made me to lie down where they beat me using logs and electric cables. “They left me for dead,” said the ageing Vengenyedzai.

He was also made to pay 2 goats as punishment by ZANU PF youths only identified as Magaya and Kombera. Since then he has been suffering in agony and queueing for panadols on daily basis under guard by the militias at the nearest Clinics.


Reginald Nendanga (28) from Ward 28, Chapanduka Village, Chief Nyashanu in Buhera is one other victim who suffered in pain at his rural home as the militias blocked their way out to Mutare. He was abducted on 26/06/08 by Tichaona MahumberuTaurai  and other ZANU Youths to their base at Chapanduka where he was accused of supporting MDC and made to pay $50 billion as punishment. Nendanga was subjected to severe torture at the base as he was being beaten by logs and cables. He is the Youth organising secretary for Chapanduka branch. Since then he was silently suffering in agony at his home in Buhera as all efforts to come for medication were being blocked by the militias.


These two were among the group which was supposed to be ferried to Mutare for medication by the car organised by MDC Manicaland which was abducted together with the 2 drivers by Colonel Morgan Muzilikazi on 24/07/08. Innocent rape victims and several other MDC activists particularly in Buhera are silently suffering in agony as efforts to help them are being hindered by the ZANU PF thugs.

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