More violence post MOU

The war against the people of Zimbabwe.

Attached is the picture of YT who was brought in late last night from Mteta village, Mudzi.  On Saturday 19th July, 2008, he and two others were taken from their homes to Chimkoko Militia Base in Mudzi and beaten with sticks by the Zanu PF militia. They were kept there overnight and after being beaten again on the Sunday, were “released” and told to go home.  The militia said ” where were you all along, we’ve been waiting for you, yoiu want to sell land to Morgan Tsvangirai, he’s not good, he’s a donkey”.
Where is the commitment of the Zanu PF regime to dialogue when they are not prepared to stop the violence, torture, abductions and arrests and detentions of our officials and members?
The ripple effect of the displacements (and burning peoples homes) is that we have many very sick people coming in for medical treatment as a result of being in the cold.  Many of those sick will be immuno-suppressed and therefore more susceptable to opportunistic infections.
There cannot be a way forward, till the war against the people of Zimbabwe has been stopped.  The war that is being viciously waged against the people of Zimbabwe, who exercised their democratic right to vote for a new President and a new Zimbabwe.

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