Parliament should re-convene next week

HARARE - The Zimbabwean parliament elected on March 31 is supposed to convene by July 17, but experts say prospects are dim.

Constitutional experts say the parliament’s five-year term commenced on June 29 after the single-candidate run-off denounced internationally as an electoral sham.

The two formations of the MDC claimed a majority of 10 seats in the new lower house. MDC founder Morgan Tsvangirai and the formation headed by Arthur Mutambara have pledged to cooperate in parliament.

“Mugabe is supposed to issue a gazette calling for the sitting of the parliament,” constitutional lawyer, Greg Linnington, said.

Only 25 of elected MP’s need to be available for this sitting, so if Zanu (PF) kidnaps all MDC MP’s, parliament can still go forward.

MDC Innocent Gonese of Mutare, said his party’s refusal to recognise Mugabe could complicate getting the new parliamentary term going. He admitted that the continuing violence would have a detrimental effect on the ability of MDC MP’s participation in the

new parliament.

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