Pius Ncube to return

HARARE - The former Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo Pius Ncube, plans to return to his country to be with his Christians "even if it means death", he said at a Mass for Zimbabwean Catholics in the UK.

Archbishop Ncube has been in England since last June to “pray, study and rest”, but he said that “a shepherd must be with his flock, even if it means death”. During his homily, the archbishop focused on the theme of humility and the need for prayer. He said: ” Jesus is that King who is going to bring peace to the world, but he is a humble king, riding on a donkey. Usually kings used to ride on horses. Jesus says that it is the humble people who are builders of peace.

“It is the proud people who are destroying the world. Our president has forbidden the non-governmental organisations to give food to those people who supported the opposition. That’s pride.” (From CISA, shortened)

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