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9 July 2008

Mealie-meal in Gwanda is being sold only to Zanu PF supporters. War veterans, soon after the runoff, were controlling the sale of the scarce commodity only to those with indelible red ink. They are now doing the same to people on a prepared list of those sympathetic to Zanu PF. Only these can access basic commodities sold at selected shops in the town. The commodities can sustain a large number of people as they are said to be delivered twice a week. Residents say that it is the same beneficiaries of Zanu PF largesse that divert them to the teeming black market.

Ward and village development committees have been dissolved by Zanu PF activists in the Matobo district and they have imposed their supporters as committee members. These committees have been renamed Ward and Village Assemblies. By right, the councillor is mandated to call a meeting of villagers in the area who then elect their own village development committee members and ultimately come up with the ward development committee. This election is not determined by political affiliation but by the capability of an
individual. Zanu PF did this without the elected councillor, Ethel Nyamukunda’s consent.Meanwhile, five curio carvers have been expelled from Jikweni craft centre by Zanu PF activists who accused them of being MDC supporters. The committee in charge of the craft centre was also dissolved and a new one comprising of Zanu PF supporters imposed.

Peter Muchengeti of ZIMCET and based in Gweru has gone into hiding after he observed being trailed by four unidentified men in Gweru. The men were earlier on spotted in a tinted grey saloon parked across the Zimcet office with one of them pointing at the office. Muchengeti had to hide temporarily at Gweru agenda. He is one of several activists who are on a police list of people who should be watched. There are fears for his life.

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