UN Security Council vote on Zimbabwe

12 July 2008
The ANC National Executive Committee (NEC), meeting in Johannesburg on Friday 11 July 2008, held an extensive discussion on the situation in Zimbabwe.

The NEC agreed that the immediate task is to focus all efforts, both within Zimbabwe and internationally, on the achievement of an inclusive and peaceful political settlement that reflects the will of the Zimbabwean people.

The meeting confirmed the existing positions of the ANC on the situation in Zimbabwe:

 ·         The ANC unequivocally condemns the violence, intimidation and political intolerance to which the Zimbabwean people have been subjected.

·         The violence that preceded the presidential run-off election of 27 June 2008 meant that the election was fundamentally flawed.

·         An inclusive political settlement achieved through meaningful substantive dialogue remains the most effective means to address this untenable situation.

The NEC therefore reiterated its support for the African Union position and the mediation efforts of President Thabo Mbeki under the auspices of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

In the interest of progress in the mediation process, the ANC NEC expressed deep reservations about the resolution placed before the UN Security Council.

The NEC took the view that the resolution as it stood would not advance the process towards a lasting and peaceful outcome in Zimbabwe. It agreed that the AU mandated dialogue should be given an opportunity to succeed.

For these reasons, the NEC agreed that South Africa should vote against the adoption of the resolution.

This does not preclude the possibility of revisiting the option of a UN Security Council resolution at a later stage should circumstances require it.

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