Violence and persecution of MDC activists and supporters continues


Wilson Jori a ZANU (PF) victim

More MDC activists tortured in Buhera South.

WILSON JORI(65) from Ward 28,Jori Village,Headman Chimombe,Chief Nyashanu in Buhera South was fined 8goats and 18chickens for being an MDC sympathiser before being severely assaulted and tortured after he was forced to attend a ZANU PF rally on 17/07/08.

Jori said ZANU PF militias forced all people in Chimombe Village to attend what they termed ‘ victory celebration meeting’ on the fateful day at around 1000hrs.It was during the meeting that the militias demanded the goats and chickens from all MDC sympathisers and later beat them severely on their back and buttocks using electrtric cables,wire,logs and sjambocks ‘to be certain that they have rejoined ZANU PF’.Among the militias were Peter Madangure,Musi Chikobvore,Benson Mandizha,Tungamirai Matanga,Peter Chatikobo,Kuda Murove,Muchuru Mazenge,Akira Munamati and ZANU PF losing cancellor candidate Boas Chimombe.Since then Jori has been leaving in agony in Buhera without medication as they are being avoided by the same group to travel.He was fortunate to escape to Mutare MDC offices yersterday 22/07/08 for treatment.

Besides Jori there are more than 20 MDC activists in Buhera South who have deeper wounds and are developing maggots as the ZANU militias are denying them freedom to move from one place to the other and seek treatment. T hey are suffering in agony with some failing to sit and sleep properly.

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