ZANU PF warns MDC on govt in exile

Tsvangirai could form a government-in-exile.
The ruling ZANU PF party has expressed fears that Morgan Tsvangirai might form a government in exile. Tsvangirai left Zimbabwe on Monday together with his entire National Executive Council including Vice President,Thokozani Khuphe.

Under normal circumstances when Tsvangirai travels abroad Khuphe remains acting president and the pair are never outside the country together.

Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba did not hide the regime’s fears that Tsvangirai could form a government.

Now that Tsvangirai has a new passport he will have to resist the tempting idea of leaving the country to launch a government-in-exile, which for the British is a precursor to insurgency here, and more forays into the Security Council. Charamba wrote in the government mouth piece The Herald.

He warned,’It will be a ruinous route to follow, one which would bring personal grief to Tsvangirai. After Monday, his best chances are with President Mugabe

US Senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s foreigner adviser and Harvard University Professor Samantha Power said the MDC must go ahead and form a government, Tsvangirai and his senior aides should do as South Africa’s African National Congress did throughout the 1960s and ’70s: set up a government-in-exile and appoint ambassadors abroad-including to the U.N. That ambassador should be given forums for rebutting the ludicrous claims of the Zimbabwean and South African regimes.’,she said.

As the talks were going on in Tshwane ZANU-PF last week declared it will not accept a deal that fails to recognize Mugabe’s reelection in the June 27 runoff election – which was widely condemned as fraudulent – or seeks to reverse the land reform program. These conditions, agreed at a ZANU-PF politburo meeting last Wednesday further dimmed prospects for a deal, analysts say.

Governments in exile are formed by political parties that claim to be a country’s legitimate government, but for various reasons are unable to exercise their legal power, and instead reside in a foreign country. Governments in exile usually operate under the assumption that they will one day return to their native country and regain power.

The MDC president Morgan Tsvangiari won the presidential election on March 29 and his party won control of parliament.-

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