Craving sanity not crazy Bob and his secretary

EDITOR - The new' currency doesn't stabilise anything besides temporarily improving cash availability.

 Inflation will continue to wreak havoc because the pertinent issues were tucked away a long time ago. Zanu lost its focus on pivotal issues a long time ago and since then they have been taking people for a bumpy ride and driving inflation for their own gains.
The main reason for the talks is to try and fool the Western world into putting in a bit of foreign injection. Why I say a bit’ is because the Western world will soon realise within a couple of months that they have been fooled by the Zanu freaks. The premature withdrawal of aid will put Zim into a bottomless pit; meaning the worst is yet to come.
Zanu ine magora. These guys are saying to themselves half a loaf of bread is better than nothing, so they will fool Tsvangirai into thinking he is now part of the influential political fraternity vomusvipa pasina kana six months.
The government of national unity is a big joke and a non-event. It is once again an event of false hope that is sucking the blood of the masses and blocking the way for more progressive events – just like the ICC’s interference. This Bob guy and his crazy secretary Grace have caused untold suffering to the innocent masses. We are craving for sanity and your crazy gang is bloodthirsty.

ANON, by email

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