It’s better for our country

EDITOR - As the country is experiencing the ailing economy for the first time after independence we must not accept any outcome of the negotiations taking place in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively.

One man power leadership has failed us, it is rather good to have a power sharing government that will enable everyone to have a say and opinions. We are trying to develop a democratic parliament with transparent principles. The government with less poverty and health understanding will be convenient for Zimbabweans. I know we are a united country; the only sickness we have is of overstaying in power. We all know that Mugabe have overstayed his welcome.

The stabilisation of the Zimbabwean political and economical situations will bring a huge change in the neighbouring countries and the world over.
The sad scenario is about MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai being promised the junior post in the GNU, where his party is expecting a senior post in an executive parliament. Former Zapu leader, Joshua Nkomo, stated as a senior minister in Mugabe’s office and the Zapu supporters challenged that position until their demands were met.  So my advice to Morgan is, take the post and fight within the new government. Or settle in an agreement by appointing a stopgap President until the next elections are held.
What matters most now, is to see Zimbabweans being free from suffering, torture, pandemonium and starvation which also comprises of pandemic diseases. Let’s do it for our families, friends and poor Zimbabweans. – AARON DUBE, South Africa

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