Mugabe teaches killing, so learn from Mandela

EDITOR - Zimbabweans want to set standards and demand that the new constitution should have set criteria for one to contest as a councillor, member of parliament, senator, mayor, prime minister or president as was abandoned by Zanu (PF).

Zanu (PF) has had very few/no credible leaders for the past 29 years. Zanu (PF) depends on imposing vagrants and ignorant brutes like Chinos as councillors, MPs, mayors, governors and president.
There are many examples of Zanu (PF) vagrants and thugs who have been imposed on people as leaders, e.g. the MPs for Sanyati and Chakari. The calibre is too far low for them to be credible leaders. They were imposed, yet they have nothing to show as leaders. They have depended on Zanu (PF) and NGO handouts for the past 29 years.
Zimbabwe needs leaders not bosses and chefs of Zanu (PF). Zanu’s Gono has failed to turn around the economy in the past six years due to poor leadership and being fond of looting not production.
The failure of all projects speaks loud against Zanu (PF) and Robert Mugabe. Failed projects include the Harare-Chitungwiza railway, the Harare-Norton-Beatrice road dualisation, Murewa-Uzumba road, Murambaswina Houses, land reform, Kunzwi Dam, Karoi-Binga Road, Batoka Hydro, rural electrification, agriculture, Chirikiti irrigation, Tokwe Mukosi and inflation.
Zanu (PF) promises people what it cannot deliver. Rural people in most remote areas were promised the Gushungo supermarkets where there are no roads and no electricity.
Zanu (PF) thugs like Chinos think that Zimbabwe belongs to their political party. They think they can chase away MDC members from their homes and land and replace them with the Chinese and Russians.
Sanctions should target the children of Zanu (PF) fat-cats and bring them back home with immediate effect. They will be compelled to think rationally.
Zimbabwean people are angry, we are hungry, we are poor, we are suffering.
What can our children learn from the likes of Robert Mugabe? Killing, vulgar language, arrogance, brutality, lies, brutality, torture and eem-eem? Robert Mugabe should emulate the icon Nelson Mandela. Bayethe Tata Madiba. We can learn from you.

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