Now a laughing stock

EDITOR - Mugabe and his goons, have really become a laughing stock.

They are both trying to keep their mining interests afloat in Zimbabwe and the DRC, with their sidekick Kabila. Gono, seems to be illiterate, to the fact that the country and the economy is in complete MELTDOWN.

Mugabe will never respect Morgan or any of the MDC factions. Once again there is a clarion call to the Youth of Zimbabwe, to be in the forefront in the revolution of change. 
Mugabe, and his henchmen, will never allow a Transitional Government, nor will they respect any agreements that may come out of Zimbeki’s MOU. 
Zimbeki never tells the truth, he has become Mugabe’s official protector.
The whole situation calls for the involvement of broader network of eminent persons. – TRUTHBTOLD, by e-mail.

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