Open letter to Mugabe

EDITOR - I would like to say to Mugabe: I trust that this letter finds you in the best of health, especially now that you have just won a sixth successive mandate as President of Zimbabwe.

 Let me remind you of the adage ‘You can fool some people some time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.’ Your win in 1980 had the blessing of God. However, God’s hand has since forsaken you.
The writing has been on the wall for quite a while for you to see that although God had entrusted you with the leadership of Zimbabwe, your time has since elapsed. Are you not deriding the wishes of erstwhile fighters, the fallen heroes?
Lest people forget, it is worth reminding them that you led a successful armed struggle. It disturbs me comrade, to observe that your continued stay in power at all costs, pre-supposes that no other Zimbabwean in the nearly 30 years you have ruled is worthy the position of president.
The preponderance of economic ruin characteristic of Zimbabwe today, bears testimony of your leadership qualities.
You need to remember that the same God who made you leader of a nation has taken away his mandate from you as He did to Saul and Moses. – CLEOPAS CHINGWANA, Essex

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